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CRC compound are epoxy based three dimensionally stable polymer materials.

CRC materials require no heat or pressure and are designed for repairs and overlays where the input of heat or pressure Is dangerous or can influence the dimensions or characteristics of the part to be repaired.
CRC can be used to iron steel, cast-iron , aluminium, bronze, wood, glass, ceramic and many other surfaces.

Typical Applications for CRC materials are the repair and protection of
Cracked or burst pipes; fuel tanks; pumps and gear box housings, bell housing; water tanks; engine blocks; condensers; plastic moulds; carburettors, foundry patterns; filling blow holes in casting; vales; radiators; sumps; worn shafts; bearing and pump housings; fixing of welschplugs, conveyor chutes, transport piping making and repairing of foundry models.

Product GOLD Description Technical details
CRC 1 CRC 1made from metal powders and high grade epoxy resins.
Used as a universal repair compound
CRC 1 has the consistency of putty, and can be applied to a vertical surface without running or sagging. It is as easy to use as modelling clay. has tremendous adhesion to iron steel, cast-iron, aluminium, bronze, wood, glass, ceramic and many other surfaces.
non shrinking, non aging; good machinability, can be drilled, tapped and painted; resistant to pressure and heat;
Color grey (similar to cast iron) can be machined
Strength values at 20 °C
Compressive strength: ~ 100 MPa
Shore hardness D: ~85
Max. service temp.: 120°C
Chemical resistance:
good resistance to oils, greases, fuels, water
CRC 3 Brush on type ,two part epoxy based compound with additions of silicon carbides. CRC 6 is used to provide a thin protective coating on metallic and non metallic surfaces. also ideal as a top coat when using CRC 1 or CRC 5. Use as a wear resistant coating on impellers, fans, screws
Good resistance to low pressure erosion and abrasion
Compressive strength: ~.110 MPa
Shore hardness D: ~90m
Consistency: Fluid
Max. service temp.: 150°C
CRC 5 Abrasion and erosion resistant epoxy based compound specially developed for protection and repairs of pump housings, conveyor chutes, impellers, fan blades, elbows/ash handling piping.
Contains aluminium oxide, and silicon carbides for extra resistance to abrasion.
Compressive strength: ~.120 MPa
Shore hardness D: ~90
Consistency: Paste.
Max. service temp.: 120°C

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